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Why Companies Should Invest In Leadership Development

Investing in leadership development is not just a choice but a necessity for companies. It positively shapes the company culture, improves strategy execution, enhances organizational adaptability, and aids in attracting and retaining skilled employees. 

How To Create a Leadership Development Program (5 Steps)

Creating a leadership development program that addresses the growth needs of the organization and its employees involves several key steps: Determine your organization’s current and long-term needs, Create a succession plan, Align the program with the business strategy, Take a multi-faceted approach, and Implement a system of ongoing feedback

Three Common Types of Leadership Development Programs

There are several types of leadership development programs, each designed to enhance the skill sets, abilities, and confidence of current and future leaders. These include professional coaching and mentoring, structured education and training programs, and action learning. 

How To Demonstrate Leadership Development (7 Tips)

To demonstrate leadership development, you should: Dedicate yourself to continuous improvement, Regularly exchange feedback, Be open to new challenges, Lead by example, Show adaptability, Hold yourself accountable, and Build trusting relationships

How To Make Recognition Meaningful (5 Tips)

To make recognition meaningful, there are five rules of thumb to follow: Specificity Is Key, Individual Efforts, Make an Impact, Sincerity Is Crucial, Inclusivity Is the Best Policy, and Impact Is a Cause for Celebration

How To Implement an Employee Engagement Program Effectively (4 Simple Steps)

To implement an employee engagement program effectively, there are four simple steps organizations should follow: Frequently remind leaders that their main duty is to motivate and inspire employees, Identify the common needs employees have for flourishing at work, Get regular feedback (in small manageable bits) on how well direct supervisors are meeting the common needs people have for being engaged at work, and Help managers quickly respond to feedback by aligning feedback with training in small bits.

Why Leadership Matters Now (More Than Ever)

Leadership matters now (more than ever) because leaders help organizations inspire and motivate team members, adapt to and manage change, set a vision for the future that unites team members with a sense of purpose, and establish a positive work environment and culture in which every team member can thrive. 

How DEI Benefits the Workplace

DEI benefits the workplace by improving employee engagement, retention, recruitment efforts, performance, innovation, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness. Improvements in these areas lead to greater profitability and sustainable success.

How AI Is Helping To Improve Employee Experience

AI is helping to improve the employee experience by fostering a positive digital employee experience. This includes streamlining the onboarding process, automating responses, analyzing feedback data, providing remote tech support, and assisting with the management of resources. 

6 Employee Engagement Programs for 2024 and Beyond

Six employee engagement programs for 2023 and beyond include programs that celebrate employee success, promote growth, establish a feedback loop, support well-being, focus on purpose, and build group belonging. These programs help organizations meet employee needs and improve engagement sustainably.