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Kathleen Steffey on How to Use Creative Strategies to Attract Top Talent During the Great Resignation


In this episode we talked with Kathleen Steffey and explored creative strategies for attracting top talent learned during the Great Resignation.

Kathleen is the Founder and CEO of Naviga Recruiting and Executive Search. Prior to starting Naviga Recruiting and Executive Search eighteen years ago, Kathleen also led corporate talent acquisition teams.

Kathleen currently leads a team of individuals who take pride in finding the most talented sales and marketing candidates for companies around the world. She also works directly with executives, hiring managers, and internal HR professionals to solve talent acquisition obstacles that get in the way of hiring with efficiency, quality, and speed.

Join us as we discuss with Kathleen how leadership can use creative strategies to attract top talent during the Great Resignation. Hear Kathleen explain the importance of a culture that allows remote work. Listen to Kathleen and Matt discuss the key dynamics that help create a team of A-players and how it can become a self-sustaining system.

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Kathleen’s Top 6

1. Company Culture

Top performers are attracted to companies with clearly defined and unique cultures. Sharing your company’s team outings, commitment to the community and celebrations on social media and your company website provides an insight into what it is like working at your company.

2. Career Advancement Opportunities

​​Top talent usually has their mindset on their future. They have goals of personal and professional growth and you must be able to manage that effectively as a company. Your company’s opportunity for employee advancement is very appealing to professionals. By offering a role with a better title, exposure to leadership, and more responsibility in decision making will entice candidates to your company and position.

3. Company Benefits and Perks

You can get really creative when it comes to the benefits and perks of working for your company. Aside from the traditional benefits, your company may offer, like stock options, 401k, company vehicles, and health insurance, offering perks such as flexibility in work hours, options to work from home one day a week, work/life balance are all very attractive to potential job seekers. Even raffles for season tickets to a local sporting event and gym memberships are becoming more influential in attracting top talent.

4. Responsiveness and Speed in the Interview Process

Candidates are looking for a company that makes decisions quickly. They are impressed by companies that don’t sit on their hands but instead are organized and work together to make these decisions. If a candidate is delayed between each step of the recruiting process or interview process it is a complete turnoff.

5. A Positive Environment

Candidates will flock to companies that appear to have supportive leadership. If there is a passionate, caring, collaborative and ambitious team of professionals these positive tangibles will be absorbed during the interview process.

6. Having Remote Access is Essential

Having the ability to work remotely from a professional standpoint requires high-speed internet, a functional laptop, and basic software programs. It is not optional to go without these anymore because most businesses are not returning to an in-person work environment and if they are it is a hybrid model.

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