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The Benefits of Having a Fantastic Organizational Culture

A fantastic organizational culture drives employee engagement, boosts productivity, and reduces turnover. It aligns everyone with the company’s vision and values, creating a collaborative and motivated workforce. When done correctly, culture can be a powerful differentiator in the marketplace.

Top 5 Business Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers have the power to ignite a spark in leaders, inspiring them to transform their workplaces, motivate their employees, and achieve long-term success. They provide fresh perspectives and practical tools that leaders can implement, helping them navigate the complexities of the workplace.

Top 5 Employee Engagement Surveys

The top five employee engagement survey platforms are Lattice, PeopleThriver, Culture Amp, Leapsome, and Trakstar. These tools can help organizations both measure and improve employee engagement. 

Top 5 Leadership Motivational Speakers

Our top five picks for leadership motivational speakers are Libby Gill, Matt Tenney, Steve Cadigan, Mark Sanborn, and Diana Kander. These speakers have been chosen for the unique perspectives they bring, their years of experience in various fields, and their proven track record of inspiring positive change.

The Power of Company Culture: A Deep Dive into Five Essential Reads

We have curated a list of the top five books on company culture, including several by BLT contributors:
1. Inspire Greatness by Matt Tenney
2. Good Comes First by S. Chris Edmonds and Mark S. Babbitt
3. Courageous Cultures by Karin Hurt and David Dye
4. Cultivating Culture by Brad Federman
5. The Culture Map by Erin Meyer